Chantal Ferrera, Julia Silver – Wrong Toilet

Erick is in the mens toilet but is shocked when the cubicle doors open and two girls walk out. They have gone into the wrong toilets by mistake but when Erick calls them “stupid bitches” the girls get very angry and decide to teach him a lesson in respecting women. Julie knees him in the balls and the two girls pounce on him and start pulling his clothes off. When they have him naked, the girls bend him over and Chantal pulls a strap-on from her handbag and puts it on while Julie holds him down. She then slowly pushes the strap-on into Erick’s asshole telling him she is going to show him who the bitch really is. After fucking him for several minutes the girls change over and turn him onto his back. Julie then fucks his asshole while Chantal squats on his face and makes him eat her pussy. She strokes his cock while she sits on his face and he gets so turned on that he cums while Julie is still fucking his asshole!

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