Brutally Sensual Edging with Rocky

Lance Hart is tied down to a bed. Rocky Emerson has been edging him and teasing him for days. She’s wearing a shiny high cut bodysuit that zips down so her perfect tits can be revealed, with black pantyhose.

She starts to stroke his cock. It’s clear she wants to torment him by keeping him on the edge of cumming forever. She teases him with her hand and mouth, stopping every time he’s about to cum to slap his cock or squeeze his balls.

Eventuall she leaves him, totally blue balled, begging and naked.

Rocky Emerson returns to Lance who is still tied to the same bed. She’s going to finish him off, but first she wants to use his cock for her pleasure. She edges him over and over with her hands and mouth, then pulls out a vibrator to edge him more.

Then she rips open her pantyhose and puts his cock in her wet pussy. She uses him until she is satisfied, but stops every time he is about to cum to punish him with blue balls.

Finally she lets him cum all over her pantyhose, then strokes his sensitive cock to drive him crazy.

Contains: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, blowjob, handjob, dickplay with vibrator, edging, ruining orgasm, cum on belly/pantyhoes.

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Duration :00:17:36

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