Battle of Breath and Bulge

Elise declares war on Kino’s focus. She creates a predicament that would be challenging for anyone, let alone a person with a penis. After securing Kino into a unique camo-print straitjacket and into her dental chair, Elise removes the black rubber bag hood from Kino’s head only to replace it with the challenging black and transparent rubber rebreather hood. Due to the fact that Kino is also wearing a ballgag, this is challenging in and of itself. But seeing as how Elise desires a war of the senses, this is not enough. After turning up the electricity in Kino’s butt plug, Elise slips his cock into something more comfortable – a Venus 2000 machine! The stimulation on Kino’s cock draws his attention, however he must not forget his focus on his breath, otherwise the hood will close shut, causing panic. As Kino adjusts to the cock sucking sensation, Elise turns the Venus up! Will Kino be able to divide his focus enough to stay alive AND to orgasm?


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