Astro Domina, Mistress Lola Ruin – Husband Therapy

Lola is at the end of her tether, her husband just sits around all day masturbating and when they do occasionally have sex, he is rough and selfish. She decides to visit a couple therapist who specialises in behaviour modification FLR and has assured her she will be able to help their dire situation. They arrive at Sydney’s office, she is a very new age, cutting edge American professional, and after hearing Lola’s issues, suggests the husband removes his underclothes. They begin ‘male cock centeredness’ therapy, the women slapping his hard dick in hopes of abating his arousal. When this in fact makes it grow even bigger and harder, she decides to move onto empathy objectification aversion therapy, using prosthetic cocks and showing him the experience of being throat fucked and handled roughly orally. The husband is then pegged hard with the strapon cocks, understanding the difference in the fucking styles, very hard and pounding or more sensual and rhythmic, to make him understand…


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