Ass Cleaning Service

While relaxing on the couch, with a pet gently caressing and rubbing her feet, Phoenix muses about the wonderful time she had the previous evening. She is debating whether or not to place a call to her lover. She decides to and instructs her slave to keep his mouth shut and not even utter a moan, while she discusses in depth the wonderful evening she just had. As the call progresses we learn that dinner was expensive, delicious and romantic. Afterwards the pair went for a long walk and culminated the evening in some hot, steamy, nasty, sexy fun, which Phoenix relives on the phone for her own self indulgent pleasure. All of this gives her lowly worthless pet an earful as well as a reason to exist. That reason is to pamper her completely. For starters, since Phoenix has sore feet from her evening walk, her slave gets to rub and massage her lovely feet. Then as her conversation continues we learn how her lover had fucked her ass the night before. Since she hadn’t cleaned herself up from the hot sweaty anal pounding yet, her pet is allowed the privilege of cleaning her ass completely with his tongue! Lucky slave…

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