Annabelle – Hobson’s Choice!

Hobson endures a most intense session of rope bondage! I’m full of smiles all the way through as I tease and torment hobson’s pulsating cock and swollen balls! Hobson lays spread with his legs wide open on the dungeon floor with his balls, legs and wrists bound in rope! I tease him with my sexy body adorned in lacy lingerie, stockings and thigh Fernando Berlin leather boots! I smother his face as I lean over to play with his throbbing caged cock!

Oh the torment!It’s not long before I release him from his chastity and begin pegging his balls. Well hobson did say ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’! Oh boy! That’s the funny thing with these miniature pegs, the look pathetic, but they have an evil bite!

And, so do my teeth as I take a bite of his bulbous head, spit and tease! After several minutes of pure torment, I poor piping HOT candle wax over his aching phallus, followed by cock trampling with my stiletto booted feet. Hobson endured so much pain and torment, while bound tightly in rope, I took great pleasure in releasing him and permitting him to enjoy a most fulfilling cum shot all over my very large breasts!

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