Annabelle – A Haunting Encounter Part 2

This is a true story, and one that hobson won’t forget for a very long time.
Just before you start listening to my audio, and before clicking at the bottom on the page to watch the movie, I would urge you to make sure you are able to whack up the volume so you can fully appreciate a most atmospheric movie, shot during a thunderstorm.

The impact of sound is essential to fully appreciate the movie in it’s entirety.There is nothing quite like a candlelit dungeon with flames flickering, casting eerie shadows.A foreboding atmospheric room, with chains, shackles and other arcane paraphernalia hang on the red brick walls. The outside temperature is unusually warm for late Spring, with menacing clouds rolling in, pregnant with malice. As I stand in front of the large sash window with the long velvet drapes wide open, I watch the graphite skies light up from the wrath of the electrical storm. A perfect night for a most haunting experience! It is time. I swing open the door, and descend the steps, my stilettos echo.

The rain sweeps across the rolling hillside, and I open the door to my dungeon.My slave awaits his punishment, a long marathon muscle manipulation, and one that will undoubtedly test his stamina, endurance and pain threshold. his body fits snug inside my leather body bag, the buckles, straps and ties fastened tight, with no room for movement. hobson lies still with baited breath, the long wait is nearly over, it’s time for me to begin the rituals of a most cruel and decadent muscle tease while his cock remains locked inside his metal cage.

Torrential rain provides a spine chilling ambiance, while claps of thunder increases the intensity, in line with hobson’s heavy breathing. I start to massage his throbbing cock, spitting dollops of saliva through the gaps of his metal cage. hobson’s muscle bulges, his body trembles, his heavy moans reverberate. The haunting echo, my hypnotic English voice, and my leather gloved hands, tease his mind, while tormenting his swollen cum filled balls. Oh how I love to keep my dear hobson right on the precipice, yet while he remains on the edge, my intense teasing, back and forth prevents him from tipping over. It’s extreme torment, sheer decadent erotica while he remains bound in leather, cock trapped, unable to succumb to the pleasure of an orbiting climax!

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