Anabelle, Natalya – Bound and Milked by Bikini Brats

Dominant women know of a little place called, The Edging Salon. From the outside and ground floor, it looks and functions like a day spa. But the basement is another story. Underground, the males receive a different treatment than the Females. Males that are brought into the edging salon are milked and edged in the basement while their Dommes and Keyholders enjoy the spa-like amenities of the ground floor. Today, teasers Anabelle and Natalya are on shift and they have a tied-up male to torment and toy with. Both teasers look great in their sexy bikinis as they excite the male with facesitting and manual stimulation. The long-denied male is really thrilled to get a chance to spill its load. The bikini girls give the little slave penis a very indulgent treatment, milking out all its nasty months-held cum. After the milking, the slave gets locked right back into chastity and filed into the holding unit to wait for its Princess. Each slave is allotted just 15 minutes for the milking before the teasers move on to the next one.

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