An Office Affair taken to the Dungeon!

A casual look at my diary, followed by a glance at the clock on the wall. Any minute now . . . ! Sure enough just as the clock struck one there came a pitiful knock on my door. My client has arrived. I welcome him in with a smile, and gesture to the leather chair. “Hello stephen, it’s lovely to meet you.” I offer my leather gloved hand. He responds attentively with a kiss. I perch on my desk and survey his body. Mmm . . . it’s a good start! “stephen, that’s a very lovely suit you’re wearing, with cuff-links, I like that.” Attention to detail will always impress me.

What can I do for you stephen? His disposition airs caution, with apprehension in his voice. He begins with a compliment, expressing his appreciation for my attire. Killer Louboutin stilettos, fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, tight leather pencil skirt, open button blouse! He crosses his legs and folds his arms, a sure sign of his reluctance to open up. “Don’t worry stephen, I won’t bite.” A momentary thought . . . well, I won’t bite just yet! Within 10 minutes, he’s unbuttoned his crisp white collar, and loosened his silk tie. Within 20 minutes I’m delving deep into his psyche and unlocking his deepest, darkest desires!!! Oh how the mind works!

Come with me stephen, into my candlelit Lair! He follows like a puppet on a string! I invite hobson to join me in the dungeon so he may demonstrate to my client what it’s like to be strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross, under my commanding influence and sensual persona! My client is bound in a cage while I begin my decadent rituals of face slapping, spitting, tormenting, teasing, flogging to hobson’s nipples, ball busting, cock slapping, and biting!

Before, finally I wank his cock to spurt his thick cum all over my full breasts!

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