Amber Skyy Clueless

Amber’s husband is completely clueless!!! Every time she and I hangout it’s only a matter of time before my dick winds up in her mouth. Then she goes home to her oblivious man. Like, what the hell does he think we do when we “hang out”. Well, today Amber and I were “hanging out” when he called…surprise surprise, Amber was sucking my cock, but she didn’t miss a a beat, she just put him on speaker phone and kept on sucking. We both chit chat with his oblivious ass as Amber sucks my raging hard on. Finally she hangs up and really goes to work on my dick. In no time at all I’m shooting my load right in this cheating bitches mouth, which she swallowed of course.

clip includes handjob/blowjob while on phone with husband. The dude finishes in her mouth and she swallows his load.

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