Alexa and Lindsey – Smothered and Surrounded by Perfect Asses

Alexa and Lindsey have two of the most perfect asses. In this clip they use their perfect asses to smother a slave. It is completely helpless. They take turns bouncing and grinding on the slaves face as it is denied air. Even though the slave hates not breathing, it loves their asses. It is very conflicted. Alexa and Lindsey want to see how long it can hold its breath. Alexa seals off the slaves airways using her hand and her pussy. The slave struggles under Alexa. It is completely at her mercy. Finally, they let it breathe. Controlling the slaves breath with their asses, its face just gets redder and redder. Alexa and Lindsey thinks the slaves predicament is very funny.

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Duration :00:14:51

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