A Sissy’s Best Friend

Besides acting like a Woman, dressing like a Woman and trying to resemble a Woman as much as possible, a sissy has to learn also how to receive pleasure like a Woman. This of course means the pleasure of making her man-pussy available for cock, but also using her clitty for pleasure. For this, I will introduce My sissy to a Woman’s best friend – the Magic Wand vibrator. A sissy cannot rub her clit because it’s not a cock, but she can use vibrations, that can penetrate her chastity device, in order to reach a release. That is what I will teach My sissy today, and if she is close to being a true sissy, she will cum with her chastity device on, in a nice ruined orgasm, that will please Me. If she will not be able to reach an orgasm without taking her chastity device off, then she has still a long way to becoming a real sissy.

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